Petrol Electric emerged in 2001 which saw CM Murphy searching the world for the most exotic music and sounds – resulting in Petrol International creating the successful compilation series Greatest Songs Ever, Greatest Moments Ever and The Departure Lounge. These titles sold massive quantities worldwide and at last count over 500 Top 20 hits. Petrol set the benchmark, feeding demand for the emerging appetite in world music.

Time Warner LIFE signed a major distribution deal with Murphy in 2004. Subsequently, Petrol became one of the very first independent labels to sign a major deal with Apple iTunes Music Stores worldwide, which has enabled Petrol to enjoy unparalleled exposure for an independent label on the fastest growing global music medium. Murphy’s unbridled enthusiasm and belief in the world music genre led to the production of a documentary on the street music of Cuba, an adventure that was not without peril. The resultant DVD release, LIBERACION – The Songs of the New Cuban Underground garnered a Grammy nomination in 2008.

Going deeper into the digital revolution CM formed the Murphy Media Academy, publishing the digital books, akin to the Penguin titles of early last century. The series ‘20 Minute History Lessons’ focuses on some of the world’s most interesting and charismatic figures and relevant subject matters, like‐wise the ‘Not Lost in Translation’ series, accessing foreign language for youth culture zeitgeists. With these titles the company achieved a staggering 7 out of the top 10 downloads’ on iTunes in the US, and earned CM Murphy, the 2009 NSW Premiers Award for Export for Arts & Entertainment.

After 15 years apart, Murphy signed INXS to Petrol Electric, and set about re‐imagining some of the bands most outstanding songs with some of the world’s most outstanding vocalists. The project has taken nearly two years of intense creativity and negotiation resulting in the critically acclaimed, Original Sin.
CM Murphy is a visionary, deft at recognizing talent in others, expert in spotting gaps in markets and by following his hunches, it is inevitable that his endeavors will be at the forefront of emerging digital entertainment trends into the future.